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Dewalt Homemade Cordless Router


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19 hours ago, DooDar said:

Ok so is this yours rossi7x?  Did you convert it?

Yes Buddy.. It's the 1/4" Router, with the Motor ripped out, and replaced with '3/4' of the Clamshell, motor and electronics of the 20v Cut out tool... Bit of a head crunch to begin with, but pretty easy in the end... Only thing I couldn't get working was the Electronic speed control (I'll let Dewalt figure that one out) or any electronics to stop the battery draining too low.. My Guess is that you'll hear the battery draining, and switch out as soon as you think it's starting to spin below optimum RPM...

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31 minutes ago, Framer joe said:

Daaaammmmnnn! I'll take 2 please Dewalt!!  Clever bro....I use my Ryobi cordless everyday....cmon Dewalt ..

I'm kicking around the idea of grabbing some Ryobi stuff too, gotta fill the gap that DeWalt just leaves empty and some non daily use ones too.

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Ya ..I went to Ryobi for fill in tools also...but I'll say they work great and last...my router is blue like 10yrs old...still kicks ass and that's daily use. Every company has a FAN but Dewalt it's just a fan Dewalt cmon...I just need a trim router so I hope Dewalt is not going Flexvolt on that ,too big..too heavy..rigid just made one,.....

........I have some Ryobi..fan,router,flood light,orbital sander, they work great...wish it was all Yellow and black...

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