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Mobile base for Jointer


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17 minutes ago, SetBuilder said:

This looks like a pretty nice set up.  http://imgur.com/gallery/qbWEq  I would like to see some gussets for where the wheels tend past the main frame though.

That thing looks beef!


That reminds me, i'm sick and tired of moving the joiner at the shop out away from the wall and then back up against the wall when finished... yet another thing I could do in the shop.... sigh

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I have the portamate PM1000 mobile base.  It has two swivel casters that are activated by a cam lever.  I can move it around pretty good, but since the joiner is top heavy and narrow, I tend to take care when moving it.  I'll take a picture when I get home.

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On 2/12/2017 at 11:35 PM, rbacon705 said:

Just by looking at the pic u could weld a plate where the castors are and then attach swivel ones.


The metal of the base is not the thickest, so I'll just make a new base for it. I already started cutting some steel the other day and have casters in order. I only went with 4in wheels as I was able to get a set of 4 swivels with brakes for 21.00 with shipping on eBay, 900lb capacity. So they should be fine.


I was digging around the shop today looking for a dust collector and ran across this base today. A little simpler than the other one I linked to above. 


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I ended up making the mobile base for my Powermatic with lap jointed PT 2x4, glued and screwed and set on 3" locking rubber casters. All in all I spent under $40 (PT 2x4 and 4 casters HD) and it is holding up very well including a move from our last home basement wood shop to storage to our new homes base,met wood shop.

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