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Circular saw blade for Plastics


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We use Amana blades for cutting Acrylic and Lexan  on table saws and chop saws. https://www.amanatool.com/products/saw-blades/non-ferrous-saw-blades.html


I cut a bunch of 1in acrylic recently with a festool track saw, it was then finished by our CNC dept. The Track saw cuts were as straight as can be though. The sheets were 6x8, so I was cutting them to fit onto the CNC machines for the circular shape they needed for the final cuts.


I'm not familiar with HDPE though. A non ferrous blade should do the trick, just watch for heat build up.



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Thanks for the input guys. 


I picked up a diablo 7 1/4" non ferrous blade. I ended up not needing thoe.


As I got to there one of the other guys said he had a Dewalt trex decking blade. We sort of looked at it like hmm this might work. With a extra piece we made a test cut. The first cuts were good. Later in the day the blade got dull. It then got really dull an left melted plastic on the side. The last 3 panels we beveled the edges with my angle grinder an wire brush. If we didn't remove the burr it would not of slid into the mounting channel. 


I would normally like to be confident in my tools an don't use dull blades. It was a volunteer job an the one volunteer had a extra blade laying around his garage. Didn't see the point in spending 50 bucks on a tight budget. 



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