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Great video about flexvolt.


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The DeWALT rep said they are working on a tool actuated vac that works with cordless tools. Possibly via bluetooth or nfc and might be out by the end of the year. Also the vac shown is only an 18v vac. It is not a flexvolt vac but it does fit flexvolt batteries and can also be used as corded. It is confirmed once again that there is a 54v to corded adapter in the works specifically for the table saw. He did not specifically confirm it would work with other flexvolt tools but hinted it may be a possibility. Hopefully some of this stuff comes to the NA market in addition to the EU market. The bluetooth vac sounds interesting. Was a solution to the problem of cordless tools not being able to trigger vacs I never really thought about but seems like an ingenious idea. I wonder if there will be a tool connect adapter that fits flexvolt tools. Seems like the kind of tools one would want to use with a bluetooth vac. Also DeWALT will eventually include M class filters for handling dust for cutting mdf. I am unaware if OSHA requires them yet but it's nice DeWALT will eventually include them.

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9 minutes ago, RickyMcGrath said:

Very nice! I'm glad to know there is potential for 110v adapters and wireless remote activation for vacuums.

I could see wireless activation as something useful on corded tools as well because each tool could have their own outlet. Comp confirmed 60v adapter and Skill Builder confirmed 54v variant.

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53 minutes ago, KnarlyCarl said:

I wondered when someone would actually put the idea of cordless activation for the vacuum into reality!!

I was stumped on how a cordless tool would activate the vac but when they said bluetooth it made total sense.

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Looked like he was not very familiar with the "Anti Kick back " feature.  It did not make much sense through. He showed the saw go back and forth on the track. He engaged the "anti kick back " and showed how the saw would not move back, but he also did not show the saw go forward.  Or am I missing something?

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Looks like possibly a new impact wrench between the grinder and table saw?  Not sure what to think of a flexvolt impact wrench, they already have the 20v 899.  Which has gobs of power but is already so heavy that I wouldn't use it unless I had too.  But I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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On 2/24/2017 at 11:00 PM, kentcatlett said:

Check this out looks like some pretty cool stuff coming 


Left of the circ. saw looks like the drywall gun with attachment? Ideas?


right of the table saw- metal cutting saw or track saw?


By the blower there the tall shape that looks like handles and wheels tough system shaped vac or strangely shaped jackhammer on a trolley?


side note- I think I see the threaded rod cutter and planer. Why in the world would they go flexvolt??? 


I am really surprised at the direction they seems to be going- seems like duplication. I had much higher hopes for "worlds first" items. Cordless standup band saw, drill press, tile saw,  120v table saw,  concrete saw, plate shears, air compressor, shoot even a microwave/refrigerator combo with attached lazy boy or something!?  Not more blowers and drills and impacts. Who needs a 20 lb impact driver or wrench!? 


Final rant item- under the recipe saw it looks like an impact driver (12v shape) with a really small battery or really large. SSE. Thoughts?

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