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Really? Safety First Bud!


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I've done something similar to that, I was running a big excavator with a smaller one rigged to the end of the boom like that to reach the depth needed for the job (footings, we were like 4 feet shy of depth). Wait was 2 weeks for a telescopic excavator boom, we had the job done next day. 


It was really funny, all the guys on the job were laughing and watching this big ass machine dropping a little one for little bitty scoops, but it worked. Wish I had a video but that was flip phone days, wasn't worth taking one even then, lol. 

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11 hours ago, Jronman said:

What movie were ya filming?

We were setting up scenery we built for a play. There really are very few movies filmed in LA these days. I work out of a non union shop, so we mainly build for commercials. The unions have movies locked up.

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