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Bluetooth Headphones


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I came across these new bluetooth headphones by Metabo and ordered them from the UK. They were only $20 but delivery was $35 because they came form the UK to California. Still a pretty good deal. There is also a microphone in them so when you receive a phone call, the music stops and you can answer the phone by clicking the side button and can speak. Im sure its just rebranded by metabo but i'm a sucker for anything that says Metabo on it. 



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I think it sounds great but I haven't owned other brands to compare it too. It seems well built and the bluetooth and call answering functions work great. When I turn it on it says "Power on, your headset is connected" in a female British accent which is cool haha. you can also change your pandora songs by pushing a button on the side of it. 

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That's pretty cool.

I have this blue set




I really like it a lot, it can drown out a lot of sound because the buds form a seal in my ear, not as earplugs mind you. But when it's really loud, I'll put earmuffs over these and it's awesome because I can hear it so easily even with noise going all around me. But what's even nicer is the app that you use with this will read aloud messages from text and email and Instagram etc. 

I can leave the earmuffs on when talking on my phone, although I do have to go somewhere a little less noisy for the other person to hear me

When I'm mowing with these under my earmuffs, my wife just texts me instead of calling and it will read the message to me so I know if it's important, but I can just keep mowing.

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