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Anyone else having this issue every day when I log in I used to have it save my password that way I didn't have to do it every day but one day it asked for my password so I put it in and it didn't work so I did forgot password and put In my password after that every day it's been asking me to manually log in and when I put the password that I know for 100% is the password I made it the other day it says that my password is wrong than I have to do forgot my password again for about 3 or 4 days I've kept having to reset my password to log in to the forum 



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Sorry this is happening to you.  We just finished moving the forum yesterday to the new server.  I am sure over the next couple if days there might be some hiccups. The issue of not saving a password is browser related.   In regards to your password, can you clear your cache and passwords out.  If you notice we have a new domain name for the forum. If you clear out your password and then go back to the forum and login, it should remember that.  In regards to the system rejecting your password multiple times, well that would probably be an issue on our side.  If it happens again after you clear your cache and password, let me know.  I can open a ticket and see what they say.



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