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Built a Door


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Well I spent the past couple weeks building a door to block access to sound and computer equipment from kids. It is a sliding/hinged combination I designed myself. I got to use my 790 miter saw, dcd996, dcf887, 20v multitool, right angle attachment, and various hand tools. Miter saw worked flawless and when paired with my dads shop vac the dust mess was minimal. Used it cordless and for the power it has it is quiet for a saw. I have yet to use the saw in corded mode because I haven't had the need yet. The door went underneath a counter which is a bit dark as expected so I used the 20 minute light on my 996 and it did a great job. Plenty of light to shine where I was working. It did a good job at drilling as well. I used my 887 as the main screw fastener and not a single screw broke even though it is an impact. The precision drive mode was extremely handy. I sanded the whole door with the multitool. It did a good job. Was handy in corners and tight spaces but an orbital would have been nice for the larger sections. I fastened the door to 2 full extension drawer slides. They are rated for 100 pounds. It is nice that the slides allow for the door to easily be removed if it were to need to come off. I joined the 2 panels together with some hinges and mortised them with my chisel into the panels. Might have been my first mortise. I don't have it finished or stained yet, but I am planning on rounding over the edges and staining tomorrow. If the stain is dry enough I may put a coat of finish on it.  I apologize for the poor image quality. A layer of tape over the back of my iPhone 4 doesn't help but I gotta protect my hands from the cracked back glass. Slid out of my pocket the other day as I was getting out of my car and the phone touched the street.

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Time to figure up a bill. Going to attempt to make my own bill of materials similar to what my school had. Eventually it may include a logo idea I had. Hopefully a friend of mine will be interested in making the logo. Ideally I will just be able to type in the values and the spreadsheet will be able to do all the figuring for me. Will be tricky to implement but once setup it should be fairly easy to record new entries into the spreadsheet.

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