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Props to Ridgid


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As some of you may recall, I purchased a Ridgid R4221 Compound Miter Saw on Black Friday and after 2 saws and numerous issues (detailed HERE), I gave up and went with the Dewalt 780 instead. I've typically been very satisfied with my Ridgid products, but the R4221 was a big disappointment. It was pretty frustrating at the time, but like anything else, I got over it. To my surprise, I received and email from a Ridgid product manager today wanting more details about my dissatisfaction with the saw.



Please allow me to introduce myself. I work as an Product manager for RIDGID benchtop and stationary equipment sold at Home Depot. Recently you wrote a review of a R4221 miter saw in which you raised some concerns. I want to thank you for your purchase and say we are always striving to improve our products. We heavily rely on the valuable feedback we receive from users to make our products even better. What was wrong with the miter lock on your saw? What was dinky about the adjustments and what would you like to see improved?

We want to use your feedback and that of other users to make the best products possible. I hope this experience will not deter you from considering RIDGID products in the future.


I responded and basically expanded on the concerns I raised in the thread. We'll see what happens, but I was impressed that they took the time to reach out.

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I really liked the idea of the R4221. The concept of a good quality CMS in this price range has a lot of appeal. The problem, in my opinion, was in the execution. I'd ditch the complex adjustment mechanisms in favor of simpler, more straight forward options with less potential for failure and certainly no plastic components. I can't say what the issue with the motor was, but there was definitely something going on. I don't think anyone reasonably expects top of the market quality in this price range, but the R4221 just came off as a little too cheap for my liking. I realize most people would never take exception to these issues, but I just couldn't get past them. 



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