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Shop Tool Opinions Wanted


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So, thanks a payroll correction that Mrs. Conductor isn't completely aware of, I have around $1000 to blow. Now, like any of you guys, I could blow a grand on tools before my morning piss. There's seemingly no end to the tools I'd like to have, but seeing how I can make smaller purchases throughout the year, I figure I'd better take this opportunity to cross one of the bigger ticket items off my list and as always, I'd like to get the unfiltered input of the crew before deciding. 


Option 1: American Forge & Foundry 20 Ton Super Duty Shop press




This is the sweetest 20T press I've ever seen. It's the same as the model offered by Redline , except it comes standard with the pin kit, includes a blast gate, and upgrades to a foot pedal instead of hand held operation. It's got a sweet set of arbor plates and the ram is movable from side to side. It's also about $100 cheaper than the Redline. I've already got plans with a buddy of mine to build a brake for it if I go this route. I was looking at the HF model, but then I saw this and it was game over.


Option 2: Grizzly G0714 Industrial Blast Cabinet 




At 51-1/2"W x 69-1/2"H x 47"D, this is as big as I will probably ever want...err.....need, and certainly as big as I can make room for. Has a built in 1-1/2 HP dust collector, it's a front loader, and is everything my current HF piece of shit is not. At $1400 it would take an extra month to pull off, but I'm not in a terrible hurry. 


I use my HF blaster fairly frequently which posses 2 problems. A: I use it enough to want a better one, and B: Hate it or not, I already have one. 


There's no question I'd use the blast cabinet more than I'd use the press, but I have been wanting a press for a long time and kinda feel like I'd be crazy pass on it to simply upgrade a perfectly functional tool, even though it is a total pain in the ass to use. I like expanding the capabilities of my shop, and the press does more in that respect than a bigger better blaster.


Whichever I don't get, I'll immediately start saving for the other, but what do you guys think? 



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I had press envy for a couple years and ended up scoring one for free. I had it for a few years and while assessing the space it was occupying I realized I had only used it twice. Both times I could have completed the task in another manner. So it got gifted to my cousin. It was nice but not nearly as nice as what you are looking at.


I would love a blast cabinet but I need one about the size in your picture and I dont have the real-estate for it.


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@Jronman Surprising Mrs. Conductor is a nice thought, but seeing how she pretty much buys what she wants, and this year alone probably put the children of 2 Lularoe sellers through college, I'm gonna splurge.  


@rrich1 Selling my current blast cabinet is a good idea as well. Unfortunately the guilt of charging someone to take that piece of shit would compromise the basic integrity I have as a tool junkie and a human being. 


@rrmccabe I know you're right. It is a lot of space for something I'm not going to use all the time. I press bearings in a handful of times a year during race season. A small 6 Ton press would be sufficient for this, but a brake would help me justify going bigger. 

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1 hour ago, rfwjr said:

You could schedule a massage for Mrs. Conductor and it happens to be on the day they will deliver your new tool.


Funny story. A few years ago I got her an hour massage. She and her mother went together and did 30 minutes instead. 


About a a month later the place got raided and they found cameras in the dressing room with video of a couple hundred women naked ?


Needless to say, I still haven't lived the last massage down! The 

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