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Makita 36V (18vx2) Circ Saw


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Now that the rear handled beast is heading to America, does anyone know if Makita will update the double battery circ Saw to a Brushless motor? The brushed model is now almost 3 years old! Going by the rear handled saw it would be a bit of a competitor for the FlexVolt (without buying new batteries/charger)! Also, does anyone else think they will look into the high demand lithium ion tech to follow Milwaukee/metabo/Bosch?

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On 13/03/2017 at 8:13 PM, Jronman said:

would a true 36v battery have the potential for even higher demand tasks than an x2 setup?


No. It's no different to 2x18v batteries only split down into smaller form factors. That's why the makita 36v batteries are slowly disappearing. They were heavy, bulky and would take an age to charge.


On 13/03/2017 at 8:45 PM, JimboS1ice said:

Only by amp hour and cell type


I think the highest 36v battery was about 2.6 ah. With 2x18 you can achieve 6ah.

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I think they're keeping the older model around for the users used to "sidewinder" type saws.. I haven't seen anything about a brushless version.. Although I'm sure if the rear handle does well they'll eventually update the sidewinder version if there seems to be a demand.

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