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Which of these 2 circular saws should I buy?


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I don't really know anything about power tools, never owned a circular saw before, but am looking to buy a reasonably cheap saw to cut about 20 pine wood sleepers, then I really won't have much use at all for the saw after that..

So I'm really only looking to spend $100 Australian.

I've narrowed down to a Bosch PKS 1500 at $79 AU or the Makita 185mm at $98.

The Bosch says it's 1500 watts / 5300 rpm and the Makita is 1200 watts / 5200 rpm, so it seems to me the Bosch is more powerful?, or is that a bad thing meaning it's using more power than the Makita just to get basically the same amount of rpm?

Seems the base plates are the same and neither would be stronger?

The Bosch has electric brake which seems a good idea that the Makita doesn't have?

The Makita comes with a spare blade, maybe that's the only reason it's $19 more?

You can see a side by side comparison of specs etc. at this link:


Any opinions on which would be better would be greatly appreciated!



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Can't go wrong with Makita or Bosch, but i've never experienced Bosch line of green tools, they aren't available in any capacity here. Always heard great things about the blue line tho, i've had a reciprocating saw before it got stolen, loved that saw...

Just a quick judgment call based off your explanation, i would buy the Bosch if i were in your position, just cutting a few pieces of timber you described, you'll never miss the other brand that you don't buy, you'll never tell the difference either

And if you stick around, you can give us a review of which saw you bought and used!

Thanks and welcome aboard

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Thanks for the info.

Yeah I'm a bit confused as I know Makita has a good name (Bosch too), but the Bosch does look to have slightly better specs but is cheaper.

However a few people have told me now Makita will probably last longer, which is good even though I don't intend to use it much after I cut sleepers it'll still be handy to have around...

I'll try and ask some Aussie's about the 'green' Bosch line.

I'm not really sure but I think a magnesium Makita is getting towards $165 more.


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OK I went to Total Tools 10 minutes from my house (never knew they existed!?) and payed $99 for:
Makita - 1200W 185mm Circular Saw - HS7600SP | Total Tools
It appeared to be the last one of that type they had in the actual store...
The box says "aluminium base plate" and "aluminium diecast safety cover", the Bunnings base plate is definitely a less tougher one, not sure about the Bunnings safety cover but I think that would be inferior too, other than those 2 things I think they're the same, it only cost me $1 more than the Bunnings one here:
Thanks again for all the advice and opinions everyone!

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