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Looking for a obsolete milwaukee switch


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I'm looking for a new or used Milwaukee switch for a drill I picked up. Previous owner broke the switch while changing the cord. It's a 1/2 inch chuck reversable drill, the tag is destroyed, can't read it. Best I can figure it's part number 23-66-1393 ( old number was 23-66-1240 ). It also may have been superceded to 14-46-0141 handle and switch kit. ( old number was 14-46-0139 ). I've looked over quite a few wiring schematics on Milwaukee's site and several different number switches seem to wire up the same. Same color wires, going to same item in each drill, yet different part numbers for each switch. Has anyone substituted one switch for another? I don't want to burn up the drill as it's still good. I'm tracking Ebay and no luck so far. Any other suggestions on where to find one or anyone have a used switch?


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Found one!! Milwaukee dealer in Fitchburg, Mass had one. Very nice person, took the time to identify the correct switch (I was incorrect ) for my drill, even without the serial number ( plate is virtually destroyed ) I spent 20 minutes on the phone, It helped that I mentioned I spent 30 years in Ford parts. We swapped horror stories about customers. Anyway, if you need parts for Milwaukee tools, call Shepard & Parker and ask for Keith. He knows his stuff!


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