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Tree trimming sawzall


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On 4/13/2017 at 9:54 AM, Jronman said:

pruning blade vs ax blade?


A pruning blade would be ideal for this task. Pruning blades are a lot quicker. Much more aggressive cut. Ime pretty sure the kerf is thinner, but not sure.


The Millwakee axe blades are great for there purpose. 


The blade shown is a avanti pro demolition blade. Its not necisarly for pruning but works. Bought them on clearance at homedepot. Not my first choice for blades but the price was next to nothing. 

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I took down a small oak yesterday along with a giant branch using my DEWALT 20v sawzall and a black and decker "the ugly" blade. One blade, 2 4ah batteries and 2 hours...... No sweat ..... not literally cuz it was hot......



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I lucked out and found a bunch of Diablo 9" pruning blades on clearance a few years ago.  I've used a couple since then for small limbs and trees, albeit with my Gen 1 Fuel Sawzall.  When I retire next year and finally sort/organize my expendables (blades, bits, etc.), hardware, and tools, I'll probably find little need to purchase anything else.

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All of my power tools have a dedicated tool box (or bag) and all the associated accessories (blades / bits / etc.) are stored w/ the tool.


All my tools are stored in one place, all my hardware and supplies are stored in a different place.


It frequently looks like a mess to others, but I can "always" put my hands onto the required stuff when needed.


For example, last week I needed an electric motor brush. I faintly recalled having a spare from a decade prior. I put my hands onto that part and fixed my motor in short order.

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