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FlexVolt 12" or Kapex 120?


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Guys! I'm looking at a larger SCMS to compliment my little 7 1/2" Makita 2x18V! 

Here in Australia the Kapex commands a $1975 price tag or $2795 if you include the stand - the DHS780 (when it releases later this month) will be $1650 and that includes the corded adaptor, 2 54v 2.0ah batteries and a charger. Which would you reckon would be the best investment? I am a carpenter + joiner by trade, have recently started working doing cabinet making in a factory and do bits + pieces at weekends when I can (decking/fences) and am

Potentially looking to start custom furniture if I can ( as a hobby at first and see where it goes). To me the kapex is the king of mitre saws BUT the design is a little old and so is the motor, blades are expensive and the warranty isn't that long here. The FlexVolt stuff has had mixed reviews in general but the 12" mitre seems to be excellent? Downsides are that it is pretty heavy for transportations sake and the dust collection looks pretty poor! I'd love to get myself the Rotex 150, CT26 extractor, Domino XL and potentially the HKC55 but to add that all up on top of a Kapex would be around $9k AUD! Would love some input! 

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I would never pay the price for the Kapex. It's like buying a brand new 2009 Mercedes in 2017. Is it nice? Yes. You can get newer updated stuff for less though.


I have the FlexVolt sliding mitre and wholeheartedly recommend it. It's versatile, powerful and bang-on accurate. Not sure what you mean about mixed reviews on FlexVolt stuff, unless you mean everything is being well-received except the recip and lack of hook on the circ saw lol. 

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Honestly I think this is a crazy question, Dewalt is where the smart money is here. With Dewalt you get more benefits for less money. The only thing Kapex brings to the table is a touch better build quality. It's like comparing a Corvette to a Maserati, smart money is Corvette.

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Honestly I think this is a crazy question, Dewalt is where the smart money is here. With Dewalt you get more benefits for less money. The only thing Kapex brings to the table is a touch better build quality. It's like comparing a Corvette to a Maserati, smart money is Corvette.

Maserati has high maintained bill, expensive oil change... back to tools

Dewalt, you don't have the proprietary arbor size like the Kapex

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I'm not a pro but and avid DIYer with a thing for tools (shocker I'm on his Forum:))


I have had both and I sold my Kapex for the FlexVolt. Here is the breakdown. 


- Cordless or Corded and power is not even comparable. The FlexVolt is SMOOTH through any lumber I've passed through it. 

- I think the XPS lighting is better than the dual lasers  

- Blade availability and options. 

- It is heavier but not by much and it "feels " about the same effort wise to carry it around. The FV is pretty easy to manuever    Despite the extra capacity and 5 or so pounds. 

- Brushless motor has the prospects for less issues long term (which has plagued the Kapex)



The only three things I will give the Kapex that are key real world  differentiators in my view ( not enough to sway me back)


- Dust Collection. The FV isn't bad it is just not as good as the Kapex

- Rear space for sliding. The FV needs space behind it. This is not a big issue as I keep it on a cart and move it around my "shop"

- Micro adjustments on the front. This is a really nice feature on the Kapex. 


This is was a hard thing for me to do as let's just say I have A LOT of full systainers in my workspace and am about as big of a Festool fan as there is.


Hope this helps. 

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Just to add my two cents...

i have the Kapex. I've had it for about three years now. It is by far the best miter saw on the market, the dust collection is unparalleled. The trench function is amazing for repeatable dead on accurate cuts. Multiple speeds, super accurate  tool with a phenomenal blade out of the box. The micro adjust for miter cuts is amazing, and when bevelling, the machine stays put because its counterbalanced in the head to prevent it from moving while you are adjusting it. The Kapex is not a 12" miter saw yet you can use the back of the blade to achieve super deep cuts. The Kapex is super light. I should add that my Kapex is used in my shop, on an MFT with a dedicated Midi and cyclone. It's got extension support wings and for all intent and purpose, mine is set up as a semi permanent miter saw.


I would recommend the Dewalt. Dewalt makes one of the best miter saws on the market. Now truthfully, my opinion is that the Kapex is the best miter saw on the market but I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing the Dewalt for the abvious reason of complete portability and the 780 is a fantastic saw. I'm a woodworker at home, I have a full time job. If I was a carpenter, having the ability to use my miter as a stand alone without power, that reason on its own would make me go with the Dewalt. I would love to get my hands on the Flexvolt but truthfully, I got my Kapex at 40% off for a brand new machine during the Festool recon sale. If I had to do it over again and I did not have the 40% discount I enjoyed, I would have bought the Dewalt. Here the Dewalt as you describe it is $700-$750 USD while the Kapex is $1475 USD (at the time when I got mine it was a wee bit cheaper at about $500-550ish while the Dewalt and Milwaukee and Bosch were more expensive or the same).


Peronally, I'm not bashing my Kapex, it's an awesome machine. Everything I've listed makes it amazing. The dust collection alone is a selling feature, but the Dewalt is what I would get if I were in your shoes. The Dewalt weighs 56lbs. while the Kapex weighs 47lbs. Sure, it's a little heavier but it has its own power source and the Dewalt is also a proven design for a work horse miter and with the right blade, finish cuts are a breeze. Now I noted the price discrepancy you listed is not nearly as big as it is here so that might sway my decision if I was a pro contractor, but whereas my saw stays put (for now, I may go pro when I retire in 15 months..we will see about that one!) the Dewalt would not have to stay put. I could bring it to a rough in without power and work for hours. That alone is amazing.

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