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Well AutoDesk has released a new app called AutoCAD Mobile. It is basically the desktop version of AutoCAD built for mobile. What interested me was two things. First for only $50 a year, which is an amazing price when compared to other AutoDesk software, you get a copy of AutoCAD. Second with the $50 subscription you are able to not only view drawings but make and edit drawings as well. I don't know what features are not present in this version or the limitations but it might be an option if a small shop, crew, or DIYer wants to draw up a house plan or make furniture plans or whatever it may be. The free version of Sketchup may be sufficient for some but for those who want a little more and are willing to pay a little money to get a good drawing software I think this may have potential. A one year subscription for the desktop version is over $1400 vs $50 for the mobile version. Typically drafting software may offer a mobile viewer app to view drawings from the desktop version of the software but this may be the first I have seen that allows editing and creating of drawings. 


What do you guys think? Is it a good and cheap paid replacement for the free Sketchup? Would you ever try it out? Is the fact it is mobile something that turns you away from it?


Supports Windows, Android, iOS.

An iPad Pro specific version is available that supports Apple Pencil.



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I cant imagine doing any significant drawing on a phone or tablet. To me the main benefit would be viewing and measuring things.


So the price comparison does not matter in my application as its not that usable for me. 


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It is free if all you want to do is look at and measure drawings.

I watched some more videos about it and it seemed alright. I like the angle input for a line better on mobile than I do on the desktop. it looked like it really shined when an Apple Pencil was used. Drawing and selection seemed easy with it and the markup feature seemed nice.

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I can see a benefit in mobile aCAD. In site I would measure & hand draw, get back to the office and spend time transferring hand drawing to computer.


often it's simple shapes, it would be nice to save time and skip having to draw twice.


However, I can just bring my laptop. No real need to draw on my phone

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