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OF 1400 being replaced?


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I was browsing the Festool website and noticed the OF 1400 router no longer showed up on the products page. You guys think it was removed to prepare for a replacement? Searching for the router didn't even bring up any results for it. I was able to go into the OF 1010 product page and find a link at the bottom to the OF 1400 page. Thats quite a work around to find the page for it. Could be a bug in the system I guess.

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There is a problem with the sites robot whatever the heck that is. They redesigned the website a couple of months ago and it's a train wreck now. There are missing tools throughout and getting into the ekat is a pain in the butt to find spare parts. I haven't heard of anything relative to the OF1400, it's their most popular router and truthfully my favorite router off all of them (I have five routers). You can always request their full color catalogue. It includes all parts, accessories and best of all prices.

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11 hours ago, comp56 said:

so because someone mentioned festool website I was snooping around and seen this......how much edge banding would one need to do to make this worthy


Pretty cool video on how it works... 



The scraper looked pretty cool then I saw the 70.00 price tag. Not too bad but kind of a gamble for something I've never seen used. http://www.toolnut.com/festool-499749-edge-banding-carbide-scraper.html?utm_source=google_shopping&gclid=CIHk--GMqNQCFQ92fgodC34LXg

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