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Drill bit preference?


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I guess that depends what you are drilling.  Bits are a complex subject.


I have bits dedicated for the drill press and then several sets for the hand drill.


I also keep a FastCap drill bit system on the bench just because of how they are colored and organized. They are quality bits but nothing special and would not recommend them for someone drilling a bunch of stainless etc.


I dont think I have ever had decent bits from the big box stores.

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Really don't have a favorite drill bit. 


For general purpose twist bits I Currently have a dewalt set an a Millwaukee set. A few partial sets including Bosch an Irwin. Those are pretty much what I was able to buy at big box stores.


Spade bits I have a Bosch set. 


For whole saws I have a Millwaukee set an some misc ridgid an Lenox ones ones. 


For metal drilling I use Hertel , Chicago Latrobe, c line. I also have some random ones from a closed machine shop.


I have annular cutter set from Millwaukee an hougen. A few fandoms of Millwaukee an jancy as well. 


Of course between all that name brand stuff I have cheap ones that never get used. 

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