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So I saw Dan's facebook video about a pair of wire strippers and a video from Klein on there YouTube page today. To say the least I'm confused because they are saying its a new product, when I bought two pairs at HD last August. That is when I took these pictures, I bought them because it had been listed as discontinued on HD website since well forever. I really wanted to try them so I would keep checking to see if HD took them off there site, or updated to a new model number. So a few months go by and I'm digging all the way in the back of shelve at HD and I see a familiar shape. Wouldn't you know its the strippers!! and two pairs!! So I bought them and was going to do a review for you guys and also show you want I thought was an extinct tool. I thought maybe someone returned them and they have just been hiding on the shelve for years. After I bought them a month goes by and all of sudden I slowly start seeing every HD stock these. At that point I'm just lost, confused, and frustrated because I have been looking for a pair for a long time and some how they came back in production and every HD has them. Funny thing is I haven't even used them yet after all this time since I use my linemans pliers for everything and have been quite busy. As an electrician your trained to use them for everything, some people call lineman pliers an electrician's hammer. So I only use strippers for wire in lighting ballast's because its hard to strip wire that gets heated up as well as wire that is outdoors in bell boxes. I guess I should find them and actually use them so that maybe I could review them for you guys one day..lol Once again I bought them last August and the pictures are from back then. New pliers I think not!  Go home Klein your drunk 



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I hold Klein close to my heart really my dad was a linesman and a master electrician and he used Klein exclusively. He had just given me his left over Klein and his snap on collection and I'm thrilled I asked for them for something to remember him by when he's gone and to have an heirloom to pass down one day. His tools were the best thing and I have 2 brothers both a decade older than me and I know they will be mad when they find out lol.


Anyways those look like nice strippers I have the yellow curved handle one's and love them I also have the same style in snap on and ideal, the ideals were sent to me as a gift they are red white and blue they came from ideal with a big sticker saying donated by ideal lol. They seem cheap compared to my Klein's but the snappy pair are better yet.


I love the d2000 linesman pliers they are very nice I have many pliers and for linesman Klein wins in my book. You should check out the new Irwin pliers made in Germany by nws the guys just did a review on them and man they are sweet I got mine today from Lowe's they are not cheap fyi. The compound cutters are so smooth you don't feel the cut at all no snap. I skipped the combo pliers and just got the cutters and the odd 90 degree handle long nose pliers with cutters and a odd feature to turn bolts? Not use to this type.


Anyways back to Klein I think they are all top notch tools accept the screwdrivers they are close to being poo really the tips are garbage imo. Milwaukee's are way better in that aspect only. I have a very large Klein collection I have all the basics at least they offer and I enjoy using them all even the poopy screwdrivers as i get that nostalgic feeling as im a sentimental guy and my dad is getting old and my family atleast with me die in the early 70s hes 63 my 6 kids dont have much time left to hang out with papaw. I have 1 son to pass my tools onto one day if he wants them hopefully but I doubt as he and most other kids in this day and time all play video games and don't build or fix anything in today's throw away society.


Take care let us know how they hold up after sometime cheers. Sorry for the book Klein is a touchy subject for me.

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