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hello, new to forum


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Just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Kay but you can call me jazzy or jazzycat, or K, or whatever.  I'm fairly new to power tools, I recently bought a couple of sanders and a drill, but I've been using manual tools for a long time.  I'm still wary of power saws, simply because I haven't used them yet and I know they can be dangerous.  I respect the tool.  Anyway.  I found this place while comparing string trimmers.  I'm trying to decide between an Ego and a Ryobi.  My yard is quite the mess right now because I need to have back surgery.  I'm leaning toward the Ego.


I'm enjoying using my tools, and I'm hoping to eventually turn my shed into a woodworking shop.   Whenever I go to Lowes or Home Depot, I find myself in the tool section, salivating over all the tools I want but can't afford.  Patience. :D


So I just wanted to connect with some people more experienced than myself.  Maybe get some guidance now and again.  Glad to be aboard.  Ciao.



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Hey, thanks for the welcome.  I just came home with the Ego. :D  When I picked the Ryobi up, it almost killed my back.  It seems all the weight is at the top and it totally threw me.  It felt very unbalanced.  The person I was with agreed the Ego had better balance, and just seemed like a better tool.  We didn't get to use it much because the battery didn't have much charge in it, so I'm charging it now.  I'll let you know how I like it after I get to use it a little more.


I'd like to get the mower one day as well.  I can't afford it right now, but I hate our gas mower and we have a Honda.  Our yard has a slope and the ground is very soft, so I have to push like crazy, even though it's supposed to be "self propelled." ugh.  I hate yard work.

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