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M18/M12 Wireless Jobsite Speaker 2891-20 teardown


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I was going to do a tear down myself but quickly discovered that it was going to be destructive. Some things just aren't meant to be worked on, thankfully there is one guy who can't stand having nice stuff. It appears he's going to steal my idea about using a m12 battery pack to power 12V (probably automotive) accessories.



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3 hours ago, khariV said:

If there's something dumb to be done that requires a fair amount of technical know-how, AvE is sure to be front and center.


He messes up a lot though. Like on this one, he needed to separate the speakers into compartments (notice the divider in the Milwaukee speaker) because it's not a mono speaker. The speakers will act against each other because they're sharing the same cabinet/air. He probably should have used the dummy speakers on the back as well, his setup will be rather directional.


He knows a little about a lot and a lot about a little...like most of us studious people, but he tries to do it all. Great for learning but his audience (Not him, he admits he doesn't know everything) seems to not recognize it and gives him more credit than he should(in regards to general knowledge). He literally claimed Pozi was the same as JIS a couple weeks ago...I nearly knocked myself out face palming soo hard. Still a good watch on most of his stuff but EEVB and Applied Science channels are much better studied, less entertaining but better knowledge.


Surely everyone can appreciate the balls needed to take everything apart. I take things apart all the time but there's a lot of stuff he tears down that I wouldn't have the guts to tear down. I admittedly have learned a fair bit from his videos but a lot of his electronics stuff bothers me.

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