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Dewalt .080 vs .095 in 60v trimmer


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I just thought I would share my experience.  My 60v dewalt string trimmer came with .080 line and to be honest it was a bit of a pain.  It just seemed to break off too easily and it kept breaking off inside the head so I was constantly having take it apart and restring it.  This could have been some operator error as maybe I should have been bumping the line more often.  So today I picked up some .095 and tried it out.  To me it was a night and day difference.  I did my whole yard and really never had to bump out any line I just did a couple times to freshen it up.  I know on workshop addicts review they said they saw some performance loss with the .095 but I didn't notice.  Then again I run on the low setting and I'm just trimming up around my house maybe on high speed in heavy brush it gives it more trouble.

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I run .095 in my whips. I found that anything smaller would break off toof easily. I also recently tried a cordless whip and hated every minute of it. Didn't even finish the house I was mowing. Went back to my redmax bcz2660. Don't know if I'll try another one. Maybe some day but the ones out on the market today don't even come close to the same proformance as my gas powered.

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I think it will work with it. But if you want to have some details, it's a better to ask a new uestion than reply to a really old one. Just more people could help you and give some advice. Searching the net I've found out that it will fit you. But I don't have a Dewalt so can't tell obviously. Lets just wait for someone who used it.

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