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Hi all


I probably know the answer to this but I thought I would ask. I am designing some T shirts to be made for my company and I would like to have the DeWALT logo as part of my design.

Can I do this or do I need permission from DeWALT them selves. (not sure how I would get permission). I am not after selling them so I am not after profiting from this. just would like to have the logo on to match all my tools.


 PLUS its a bit of free advertisement for DeWALT!!! (wink, wink)


And if any DeWALT reps on here can help in getting the permission if I need it, that would be fantastic!!!! 


Any Help would be much appreciated !!!  

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While their logo is copyrighted, I question if you can do this or not. If it is just a shirt that you want to wear to match your tools, I'm sure it would be fine. However, if you have any advertising on it whatsoever that is where you would get into trouble... so since your company is on the shirt and their logo, I would think it is a violation of their copyright and therefore illegal. 

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Personally I would not make a logoed/branded T shirt unless I was sponsored by that company.  I played many years in a sport as a semipro and with that came sponsors as such we would have to put our sponsorships on our jerseys but over time they would come and go making for a difficult time maintaining the the current "list" of supporters.  Sure I'll buy an Adidas logoed shirt, because I want to buy that shirt, make one nope.

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Thanks for the help!

I think in might email DeWALT and see what I get back.

I have not finalized the deign yet so I could change it if it is going to get me in trouble!!!!!

plus I think I might attach a picture of what I intend on doing. I think they might like it!!

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It MAY be infringement. However, the only way they will pursue action is if you are either making money from the sale of their logo or if you do something detrimental to their brand. There has to be some type of monetary penalty for them to pursue you. Worst case scenario assuming the above isn't happening, they send you a cease and desist letter. That's a Loooooong shot.

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