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Buyer beware (an eBay scam)


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Being careful what you buy on eBay is no new concept. Buying anything on eBay comes with some risk and tools are no different. Recently members of the online tool community uncovered a pick up one such scam that everyone should be aware of. At first glance this listing looks completely normal:





Upon closer inspection the ratchet is not a Snap-On ratchet at all. It is a Pittsburgh brand ratchet sold at Harbor Freight for around $10.00. After further Investigation, the seller had recently purchased Snap-On replacement handles, applied them to the Pittsburgh ratchets, and sold them for used Snap-On prices. This particular auction was reported to eBay and taken down before the scam could work, but the seller CamaroToolMan had already sold one such ratchet previously. 


Here is an authentic Snap-On 1/4" Swivel head ratchet:






Note the markings on the base of the shaft of the authentic ratchet as well as the difference in the selector on the head of the ratchet. This ratchet is made in the USA and retails for around $90.


Here is the Pittsburgh ratchet that is made in a Chinese sweatshop and retails for $10.00:




A quick comparison of the picture easily reveals the scam. eBay is a great resource and there are good deals to be had, but BE CAREFUL. When considering an item that is beyond your ability to authenticate DO SOME RESEARCH. Again, this seller CamaroToolMan was reported to eBay, but keep this in mind for future hand tool purchases.

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What a sleez bag! Guys like that need to have a couple of teeth pulled before paying the customer back! EBay buyer protection works, but... after you wait a month you normally get your money back. Once a confirmed case is opened they should reimburse you back right away and then continue after the jerk seller. I am aware of this cause I just went through ANOTHER buyer protection case where I got hosed AGAIN.

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