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Here's how to deal with them. At about 10-11pm, post an ad for "Free chickens call anytime" and use their number. The post will get taken down in a day or so but you can imagine the annoyance. 

You know what!!! I will !!

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Yeah prob 10 yrs ago my little sister and my mom found some puppies on Craigslist. I didn't think to look into them thinking ok cool. It's 200 bucks. I sent it (yes! Western union) before you blast me i didn't know about this scammin stuff Ana it was kinda new then. Well yeah 200 turned into 400 cuz they kept getting " stuck in customs ". When I realized wait a min screw this! 400 for a puppy. So I emailed them and said I can send another 300 in cash but by mail. So I got a small 2 x 6 box took some of my neighbors dogs's gifts from his lawn. Put note saying to take the cash to the bank.

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I had the same thing happen to me. I was trying to sell a $4000 road bike in CL and after I posted the add. I had a resonate within minutes. This time though the guy claimed to be in the military and stationed out of country so his shipper had to pick it up for him and he would route me the money via PayPal.

After this happened. I google this and found out this is happening a lot so I texted the guy back and told him to shove his hand up his a**.

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