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Here we can discuss, ask questions about test lead kits. Post pictures and mini reviews. K-type temp probes, alligator clips, mini grabbers, test probes, lead cases, specialty leads. Let's share our thoughts to create a resource thread full of information to those looking to buy and see the differences between products that all look very similar.

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Well, first off, don't buy cheap leads! They are not worth it!


Fluke Twist-Guards are my go-to Leads for day to day use.

I use the Fluke Alligator clips with them. 95% of my needs are met by this combination.


I purchased a Triplitt Modu-lead set for $35 and I would have no troubles recommending that set for someone looking for an inexpensive and comprehensive set.




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I don't mind them, but I prefer the Bosch leads. The only issue is that the Bosch leads are a little thicker and won't fit the probe holder on the meter. No biggie for me though.

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2 hours ago, HiltiWpg said:




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Great deal at $35 compared to Extech and Fluke/Pomona. They look like Mueller and I know the Muellers are silicone, wonder if they're the same. I have a different Mueller set with my scopemeter at work.


I use mostly Fluke leads myself. TL224 with TP2 are my main leads. I have TL175 on my backup meter at work. I store TL910s in my bag for when I need something small or with a certain tip, those are awesome leads. I like them enough that I have the Pomona 6341 on my inside workbench at home...they're freaking expensive though.

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BTW, if you need some banana to banana or want to make your own leads with different clips/probes, check these out. They're cracked but doesn't affect usability, you could always fill the crack with something. What I did was cut one in half, splice silicone wire to the ends then add the clips I wanted. These are generally about $23 a piece so for $3, it's worth dealing with the cracks.



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