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Craftsman Tools 19.2 2.0Ah Question


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New to forum and appreciate any help.


A few years ago I bought some Craftsman power tools that use the 19.2 2.0Ah rechargeable batteries. At the time of purchase the salesman told me to always keep the batteries charged and charge them once a month. I have done this. And since I had a total of four batteries, and used the tools only occasionally, two of the batteries have now gone bad and will only hold a charge for a short time. 


I just bought replacement batteries. They were not the original DieHards, but some Chinese knockoffs. They had very good Amazon reviews. They came fully charged.


Here's my question.... Two of my original batteries still hold charges. If I was to stick the new batteries away in a drawer, take them out in say a year or so, (obviously, they would lose their charge), and charge them up then, would I have a problem with them as they have been dead for so many months, (although again, they are basically brand new)?


Thanks in advance,


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Those a lithium batteries right? If so they should be fine to let them sit at 50 to 100% charge, preferably closer to 50%. The problem with the generic batteries is that you don't know what you're getting, they could last a few years or they could last a couple months.


NiCad batteries need to be charged often and stored fully charged because they'll drain by themselves just sitting there. Lithium really doesn't drain just sitting in a drawer.

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Hi BMack37, Thanks....The batteries are, "19.2V 2000mAh Ni-Cd "... I saw your comment about keeping them at 50% as they charge down even when not in use....My question is, is it OK to let them fully charge down and be at zero% and then in say a year, charge them back up--by doing this, will I shorten the life span of the battery?

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If they are NiCad you want them to be fully charged when you store them then recharge them often, once a month sounds right. Though, at some point when using them you should let them discharge to the drill stopping, then recharge to 100%.


When stored; NiCad needs to be fully charged, lithium is half to full charge. With either you don't want them to get to 0% but you're ok getting the NiCad to the drill crawling %.


NiCad has a lot of downsides compared to Lithium, the pain in the butt, always having to charge them then forgetting and having a dead battery is the most annoying part. The benefit, the batteries are cheaper, especially to repair. We have a Batteries Plus store in Tampa, I think they'll rebuild a NiCad battery for like $20 with coupon.

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