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Possible cordless die grinder

Mattias Blomqvist

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I watched a demo video of the new brushless grinders from Dewalt but my eye caught something in the background that looks like a cordless die grinder. I don't use die grinders and don't know if Dewalt has one already but I haven't seen one. What do you think?



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it also appears to be 2 different angle grinders. If you notice the gear housing the one in the middle has black on the top where the one in the back is all silver.
There are actually 3 different models of the grinders, at least here in EU. DCG406 DCG405 and DCG405FH

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9 hours ago, D W said:

This looks to be out in Australia (I've placed an order). Are we the first to get it? 


No it’s available in the states. I think it came out last month. I remember seeing it online when I purchased my TSTAK’s in the beginning of October.


Bare tool is $169 and a kit with 2x 4.0ah batteries is $279.

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It's here. Please note I haven't put it to use yet.





-comfortable grip

-bright LED's

-speed adjustment switch is good 

-with a 2.0ah battery the balance is towards the middle of the tool



-very long (41cm/16 inches)

-safety button is way too hard to press (it actually completely ruins the convenience of this great trigger design)

-to reach full speed the trigger has to be pressed quite hard and absolutely all the way down (this gets tiring) 

-stupid brushless triggers, not true variable (same as the OMT)




Edited by D W
Updated part about triggers on brushless
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