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Running List for Dewalt Tool @ TOUGHINSOUTH Event


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2 minutes ago, Framer joe said:

Hey @Jronman if you get any info on the new framing nailers let me know please, ...

I'm just trying to catch up on my instagram feed after coming home from work haha. I will see if I find anything else. I'm not even sure if they are 20v or air. Seen no pictures or any other info so far. Also looks like the new osha compliant sds with vac has a filter cleaning feature.

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That's actually not new 

4 minutes ago, Jronman said:

appears to be a new dust shroud thingy that suctions to the concrete.




Nah that's been out for a while now. http://www.dewalt.com/products/power-tools/dust-management/dust-extractors-and-vacs/large-hammer-dust-extraction--hole-cleaning/dwh050k

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4 minutes ago, Jronman said:

cordless heater? top shelf picture 4




Clearly flexvolt designed by the gaping hole underneath, could be. I have a hard time understanding why they have all these other tools that they didn't even mention in the event? They just prototypes to future working tools or what? 

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