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Old Ingersoll Rand Compressor


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I just acquired an old Ingersoll Rand verticle 80 gal shop compressor. I have some questions setting up. Here are some specs I got from the tags.

Pump:     TYPE  30

                 Size  3 & 1 3/4 x 2

                 Compressor No.  3OT    3330

Motor:     General Electric Repulsion Induction Motor

                 Type SCR  2HP Single Phase

                 60 cycle- low voltage          /        50 cycle high voltage

                  V110-A.19 / V220-A. 9.5              V110-A. 20.8 / V220-A. 10.4

First question I had, it looks like 10 wire coming out pressure switch. I assume that would be hooked up to a 30 amp breaker. And I also assume that the A. is for the amps. But confused about the low amperage numbers. The other question I had I have no idea what the maximum pressure would be I see nothing in that regard. And last if I install a regulator, oiler do they need to be the same size pipe that I will use for the air supply around the shop (3/4"+ gal)

Any help in this area would be appreciated.




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Amps: I'd put it on a 30 amp 220 and not think anything else about it.


Air line: If you're using 3/4" line, I'd definitely use 3/4" oilers, dryers, etc. You could reduce it to 1/2" or even 3/8" if you wanted, but bigger is better and will keep your flow higher. 


Max psi: No clue, but it's going to be Somewhere between 150 and 175 psi. 


Kinda unusual to see an 80 gallon @ 2 HP. Those old score horses had a little more umph though. I'm guessing they did that to maintain 110V capability. Does it have the CFM listed anywhere? I'd be curious to know what it is. 

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Both sides show the same: 110v 20A or 220v 10A. The diagram and the cycle are what's different. The diagrams are labeled "Low voltage" and "high voltage" are how to hook it up, there's wires inside that need to be hooked up a certain way, should be accessible from an access panel. The volts and Amps are stamped ratings which are referring to 60 cycle and 50 cycle.

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