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M18 Miter stopped working

Daniel Julian

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I've had the M18 miter saw since the beginning of the year and its worked great. Today I was cutting some 3/4" plywood and I had a stop block set up and was cutting a long board down in to little pieces. The board was almost 12" wide, so it maxed out the depth of the miter saw. I would run the saw to "score" the top of the wood, then plunge thru on the end closest to myself, then push the saw back thru the board. Then I would flip it over and cut the tiny little piece that the saw wouldn't quite reach. I had made 14 cuts and was on the last one... I scored the top and was plunging thru and it sounded like it was bogging down and then it just stopped. This has happened occasionally and it usually was pinched or i was pushing to hard or the battery was dead (or almost dead). I checked the battery and its fine, still had 2 bars. I even tried a few other batteries (a 9.0, and 2 different 5.0s) and none of them worked. The light won't come on or anything. The batteries didn't feel excessively hot and the part where they connect to the saw itself also did not feel especially hot. I can't mail it in for service because its too big and I'm pretty sure there is not an authorized service center in my area and customer service is closed till Monday. Any suggestions from anyone? I don't really want to try and open it up myself; mainly because the part I would probably need to open would mess up the tag with the serial number and would probably be a big red flag to Milwaukee and might void my warranty or something. I've got to finish the job I'm working on this weekend and I have flooring to lay next weekend and need it for that too. Help!

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I'm not a Milwaukee guy but seems like somehow you were putting a lot of load on the Saw which doesn't make much since being your cutting plywood.


Only thing I can think of is if your blade was extremely dull to where it was burning the wood and you had to muscle it threw the wood.



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Finally getting my miter saw back tomorrow. It had bad electronics; don't know (understand) exactly what it was.


On another interesting and disappointing note, I have a TICK attached and marked it LOST after I dropped it off 2 weeks ago and it has not been located yet. You would think someone who works at an authorized repair shop or a customer would have the Milwaukee app. And if so, why hasn't it pinged the location?

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