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This is a bit of an oddball item that has recently appeared on the US site.





This is an extension handle for the five inch chain saw, and it has been available outside of the US for years. I bought one from a Canadian supplier several years ago and find it to be somewhat awkward in actual use. It works well enough when at its shortest length, but when fully extended, the saw itself blocks your line of sight and you essentially end up cutting blind. This makes it difficult to use outside of it's shortest extension length.


Set-up is also somewhat cumbersome, and although there appears to have been quite a bit of thought in the design, the final implementation seems a bit short of the mark. You have to attach a plastic bar to the saw that holds the switch in the on position, and then slide the saw onto the battery mount on the end of the adapter and add retention screws to hold it in place. This is what allows you to use a battery on end of the adapter itself. No tech magic, just a simple mechanical switch. I might have been truly impressed if they had designed the tool and adapter with a separate circuit that allowed operation without all the extra bits and pieces and set-up time, but as it is, it smacks of a cobbled together science project gone array.


In the end, I am surprised that it was ever released here at all.

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It’s a subcompact rotary hammer. If you buy it expecting to abuse it like a full size tool, or have it perform like one, you are gonna be disappointed. That’s not what it’s for. It supposed to be c

You certainly can, there is a spot and they slide in. The spacing is bigger for when the new batteries come.     

And, knowing Makita those accessoires are of doubtfull Quality.

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And a possible reason why it was released in the us now:


Sometimes Makita Japan pushes old stock to their subsidiaries. 2018 will give us a new brushless 18v one hand chainsaw. If there is still ALOT of stock of this accessoire left then it gets distributed around the world to try and sell as much as possible before the new model hits.



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One more item that has not shown up on the US site yet...
WST06 saw stand
Another one of those items I would like to see in person before committing to purchase.

Looks awesome. Probably need to get an upgrade myself, as my Makita Miter stand is junk, in my opinion.

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