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Milwaukee FUEL discussion.


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Hi all new to the forum, just thought I'd start to get my two cents in on Milwaukee.

Recently purchased multiple FUEL products awaiting delivery will write full review.



2653-22 M18 FUEL impact driver 

                                                                               2603-20 M18 FUEL drill

2655-22 M18 FUEL 1/2 impact wrench

                                                                              2663-20 M18 High Torque impact wrench




2454-20 M12 FUEL 2 speed 3/8* impact wrench

                                                                               2402-20 M12 FUEL 2 speed screwdriver

2403-22 M12 FUEL drill/driver 2.0/4.0

                                                                               2457-20 M12 cordless 3/8* ratchet

All tools purchased for work on a tool binge month. I've only received the 2653-22 so far as the others are

bundled together in pre-order purchases. I have built a ski and boot rack of ply-wood and 2x4's since then, 

Initial thoughts are the LED helps alot, FUEL's "mode" selector is amazing which is kinda what sold me on the other M18 impact wrench 2655-22 as you can precisely gauge the power your putting to the fastener.

I also really was drawn to the extended run-time of Brushless and 2.0/4.0 batteries. 

Thats it for now should have everything shipped to my door by Mid-March.

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I always thought, on account of being American, that Canadians ended up with tech toys quicker! I don't know why I guess its just ignorance on my part! So hooray for us! But still...what's the freakin' holdup already!?!

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So here we go, the first of the deliveries I have are coming tonight.
2454-20 M12 FUEL 2 speed 3/8dr impact wrench
2402-20 M12 FUEL clutched 2 speed hex bit screwdriver 
to add to my
2457-20 M12  3/8 dr. ratchet
2653-20 M18 Fuel 1/4in impact driver
Here are the out of the box photos, M18 Fuel side-by-sides, and LED light backsplash patterns


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My first impressions are overall good,


LED 30second delay activated by single trigger tap is nice, the LED is also angled more towards the work area (i.e. the drill bit)

I didnt realize how big the 2402-20 screwdriver is, I mean shit its another inch longer than the impact wrench. I'm kinda pissed about that but what can you do. 


Will bring impact wrench, screwdriver, and ratchet to work next week to test.

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Its been a while since I last updated. 

The 2402 M12 FUEL Screwdriver has been a real dream to work with it has a 2-speed selector with drill or screw driver setting, again I use these for automotive. I've found the clutch settings (on this 0-18) use about 40% of the full torque output that the "drill" setting (325in-lbs) has. The gap between clutches is enough that every "2" its increased is noticeable.

Like I said the screwdriver setting is clutched. The drill setting is not clutched, full reverse torque and full forward torque great for me to break loose up to 12mm bolts or 1/2inch. I use the screwdriver setting to fasten, If it needs to be tightened more I'll either force it by hand tighter, or use the drill setting but that could break somebody's wrist if you lay on the trigger. Have gone through 1 and 1/2 charge on a 3.0ah battery since I got it 9 days ago. It is my most used tool of the M12's that I have. Very versatile. Have used twice at home to tighten up kitchen chairs and table, as well as re-hang a kitchen cabinet, worked great.

The 2454 M12 FUEL 3/8" impact wrench is definitely a reputable addition to my quiver, its smaller and had more power than any 3/8" 12 volt I've ever used. It has 2 drive-mode selector, This was huge for me because the brushless motor can limit torque out put, like with the M18 FUEL impact mode 1 is 1200max rpm worth 30ft/lbs max, mode 2 is 2650max rpm worth 117ft/lbs max. Can get into those tight spaces on vehicles, with great LED coverage. Easily removes lugnuts torqued to 80-90ft/lbs, torque output is better when used without an 6"extension.  Have used just over 1/2 of a charge on a 3ah battery since 9 days ago.


The 2457 3/8" cordless ratchet is great, no air line!! steel frame lets me use it manually for half a turn to break loose or tighten further if bolts are in tighter than 35ft/lb max. Great LED coverage, is a huge time saver compared running bolts in with a manual ratchet when space is of the essence. Otherwise I would have used one of the other two M12's. This mainly runs tight quarters, doing mostly light duty stuff. Have only used 3/4 charge of 1.5ah battery.


I will, as soon a spring hits here do a GoPro video at the junk yard to test all the tools in real-life tests on autos to give viewers and me a really good idea of capabilities.


More updates to come.

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