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Rapid or standard charger?


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Charging cells above 1C does shorten life. For example; a 2 Amp pack should ideally only be charged at a maximum of 2 Amps, that's 1C. Thrusting 4 Amps into it (that's 2C) is going to shorten its overall life. 


Same applies to all battery sizes. Make sense? 

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I’d say technically maybe....in the real world  I’ve never noticed a difference at all...question is ...do you have the time to wait for a slow charge ? Diy, homeowner stuff...Or do your tools make you money. Who cares if a battery dies prematurely if that battery charged fast many many times to make you loot....the money that battery made you by charging faster and being used ,clearly out ways the cost to replace it a little sooner then normal....

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We have different tool sets for multiple jobs sites, some have a rapid charger, and some not. I've never noticed any difference in run times between the two. We have makita tools as well that all use a fast charger, and the batteries are probably charged 2-3 times a day.  After 4 years they are all still going strong with barely any reduction in run times. Those batteries are actively cooled during charging, but the milwaukee rapid charger is a fair bit slower so they likely dont need it.  So i wouldn't be concerned and honestly even if it does reduce the lifespan the convenience and improved production is honestly worth it. 

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