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DeWalt 5s3p XR Pack


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Hey guys, I'm in the middle of doing a conversion from an defective DeWalt 4Ah 5s2p Pack to a DeWalt 4,5Ah 5s3p. Even though this is a very niche thing to do (as you guys in the states have the 20700 6.0Ah Packs) you may be interested in how i made a very low cost solution for a high power battery, until 6.0Ah batteries arrive in europe. I documented the process on youtube pretty much as an experiment (gaining experience for a single tool review i want to do in the future). I can share the CAD for the 3rd battery cage and the case enhancement as soon as it is done. Feel free to ask stuff!

I don't know if I am even allowed to share this here as there is some self promoting limitation. That said I don't really care for YT views or subscriptions, because I don't plan on doing much on YT (not really that good at it either :D). Then again mods will delete it anyways if it is against the rules.

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Nice work, and while yes 20700 6ah packs are available, they are rather new and not everyone has some( I do :) ).  Your conversion  adds a 3rd row of cells which should give you a small but noticeable bump in sustained output.

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