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Bosch in Australia


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I've noticed over the last few months that Bosch is becoming much harder to buy here.


Two major online retailers seem to no longer sell them. I also don't know of anywhere selling the 12V line anymore. 


Anyone have any info on what's going on? 


Bunnings still have them, maybe they'll become exclusive there like Ryobi is. 

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Just an update:


I went to Sydney Tools yesterday to try and get an L-Boxx and the sales staff said they are clearing their stock as Bosch have indeed made an exclusive deal with Bunnings. 




Now I don't know if this is 100% true or whether I misheard him, but I definitely think this is very bad news for everyone except Bunnings and their shareholders. 


Imagine what we will pay for Bosch tools now. Look at what they did to Ryobi prices in Australia. 


I don't understand how this can be legal. What's stopping the big guys getting exclusive deals with most, if not all of the major brands (which would essentially wipe out anyone else)?


Capitalism before people and the greater good (yet again). 

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1 hour ago, dwain said:

Earlier this year Bosch pulled out of most stores. They were only going to use Bosch, Total Tools and one other. I believe this is still the case.


Thanks Dwain. Hard to find any info on what's happening.

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1 hour ago, D.Roche said:

I’ve been looking for the 12v line as well mate and I think amazon seems like the best option, but sure what the go with warranty would be


I used to get them from Sydney Tools, they had everything early last year, now nothing.


Ebay AUS has a limited selection, mostly from a Korean seller. They are expensive however. There's also Ebay USA.


I also have concerns about warranty. I would imagine there wouldn't be any.

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