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R4513 table saw dust port


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I have a Ridgid 10" table saw R4513. I'm trying to hook up my dust collection to it's port. Seems as if the port is 2-1/2". I just can't seem to locate something that would extend it. Ideally I'd like to attach first a 90º elbow then a straight run for about 18" to where it's easy to hook up my portable dust collector. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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I suggest build a box with a door under saw and have your connector off on the side this way you can clean it out if bigger pieces get pulled down with a 90 it can clog right away kind of like in picture


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@comp56: I've seen that photo around prior. It's a great idea. However, not quite right for my setup. As for any larger piece getting pulled down, this Ridgid is pretty much SOL. Pictures worth 1,000 words.


The dust collection "cup" is attached to the blade mechanism, so even when your tilt the blade, the dust port will rotate too. Guess this presents a problem with my setup. Hmmm. As for being SOL, if you look at the photo looking inside the dust port you'll see the blade, which can only be an inch or so from the bottom of the dust collection "cup". 


Also attached is a pic of my table during construction. Guess I'm going to have to think a bit more about the extraction of dust. Probably need some type of flexible tubing attached to a leg which I can then attach the dust machine too. I think I can unscrew the dust "cup" and thus the exit port and let it just fall below into some type of box. Hmm.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.





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Here’s what I found that works across both my table saw and miter station. 

P1059-150 - www.fernco.com have worked great (1.5 x1.5”) they are flexible and measured as an inside diameter, and fit very snug to the exhaust port (over the top) I used a little oil to help slide it on


found it at Lowe’s 


for some reason I can’t post a picture 


Flexible couplings




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