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Its that time of year when the days are getting cold. I am considering getting some heated gear. I'm looking at getting a better pair of cold weather work gloves. I am thinking of getting a heated pair so that maybe I wouldn't have to have such a heavy/thick pair of gloves. I have never had anything heated before. Not sure how they will perform. I'm looking at getting a heated jacket to go with. Has anyone tried the Milwaukee 3-in-1 heated jacket? Is each of the 3 parts removable? At times The size of the 3-in-1 would be nice for really cold weather but most of the time Milwaukee's smaller heated jacket would suffice. It would be nice to try out some jackets in person. Would Home Depot or Builders have them in stores? I'm looking at trying the Milwaukee m12 because of the smaller battery but the DeWALT's would be second choice because I already have the batteries. I'm not sure What style I want to go with whether it be 3-in-1, hoodie, or light jacket. I am very sensitive to how something feels and not sure I would like the Carhart like material on the 3-in-1. Does it have a softer material on the inside?

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If I were to go a lighter option I would probably use with another jacket. I'm thinking if I go the 3-in-1 rout I may not need another coat. Still not sure if I can remove the outer layer for if I don't need as heavy of a coat. Would be nice to see some options in person but I'm not sure where I could find some in store.

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