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Bought the DeWalt fan.  DEC511.  Acme had them with a free 2.0 ah battery.  

It's a little bigger than I expected.  Not a bad thing.  Works great.  I'm glad DeWalt finally came out with one.  Of course they waited until winter, but at least they finally released it.


Also got the DCBL720.  The big 20v blower.  I have the small one.  Use it all the time.  The big one is a little bit of a disappointment.  It does ok, but not great.  What can you expect for such a big blower on a small battery.  A couple things it has over the small blower, the width of blowing air is bigger.  Sometimes blowing stuff off with the small blower is comparable to using an air compressor.  Whole lot of air in a very small spot.  This does spread the air out and works fair.  It also doesn't stick to my pants leg, because it suck air from the back.


Had it to over again, I would probably pass on the blower.  The small blower works great though.  Use is almost everyday.

As for the fan, I would have bought 4 if they would have let me.  The special only allowed 1 purchase per person.  The 2ah battery probably won't be the one I use in the fan, but I still like having a few of the small batteries around.

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I used the fan to dry painted trim the other night.

It was still blowing the next morning. Very good.

I'll do the same at a job with the big blower. More volume, but it may take a battery or two. Use it to clean up most days. I set it in the ground, tilted up, to blow myself off. Works great.

Pleased with both. I don't think I could use the small blower.

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