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M12 Light Options


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So I’m a 20v / 60v Dewalt guy that’s about to dive into the 12v line in Milwaukee as the Dewalt options are none existent.


I want to replace my bulky 20v lights in my tool bag for some M12 lighting. Problem is that I don’t want to lose light power. The current M12 stick light (2351-20) is only rated around 200 lumens which is quite a disappointment. 


The new lights they released which are the USB rechargeable ones are great (about 450 lumens) but I want to stay on m12 platform. 


Anyone know if they’re planning on releasing updated stick lights on m12 platform? Thanks!

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I know the 2362-20 Lantern/Flood light has 400 lumens. I'm not sure what you'll be using it for, but a couple of those should light up a small area nicely. And it has a USB port to charge your phone, which is nice. I have the m18 version and it has 700 lumens and its really nice for dark areas and even camping. Milwaukee makes great 18v lights, I know you want m12 but, for some serious retina burning light, that would be the way to go.

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I have an entire room full of Milwaukee cordless stuff (well, close to), yet a Bosch FL12 is what I carry in my main bag. It's the only cordless outside of the M12 and M18 lines that I own. I still may end up trying the rechargeable Rover pocket light.

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Thanks for both suggestions so far. I don’t want anything bulky as this is going in my primary tool bag. The size of the m12 stick light is just, just wish it was twice as powerful. They were able to make it just that in their new usb rechargeable stick light.


It seems as I may either look at different options or maybe go for the usb rechargeable one (2112-21). 


Hoping someone maybe know something about them coming out with different options. 

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The best M12 lights are definitely the lantern and the Rover lights. The spotlight is also excellent, but has a more specific purpose and isn’t versatile on the job site. The lantern has a USB port, which can be used to charge your phone (or your 2112 light!) from the M12 battery. It can also switch between 180 and 360 lighting.

The Rover is fantastic, especially due to its multiple mounting options. It is only bested by the M18 Rover.

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