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Harbor Freight Dust Collector


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Anyone have one?  If l so, what are your thoughts?  


I plan to get a few tools over the next year or two, such as a planer, jointer, band saw, and drill press.  Obviously, some of these will require a larger dust collection system, and though I might look at the smaller DeWalt models for my miter and table saws, the Harbor Freight or a similar machine may work better for stationary use.


A quick search shows a Grizzly model for around the same price, and a Delta for about $100 more.  Any thoughts on those?  

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My father in law has the harbor freight unit and I believe he likes it. Have you checked Craig's list for any used units? I have a 1 hp jet and it works very well for my planer, jointer, table saw, and router table. I move my dust collector around and don't have it set up with piping.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA funny you brought it up!  We just had to suck some blown in insulation(and a lot of animal leftovers) out of an attic to get rid of smoke the smell and got the HF dust collector to act as a vacuum for the job....  12 12' bags filled and it worked like a champ!  Now obviously this is NOT the intended use for it but I can say that it passed an extremely serious torture test.  I think I have some pics on my phone I'll try to add later.

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Rrich1, I haven't checked Craigslist yet, but probably should to get an idea of the secondhand market.  Unless I can find something better, it seems the HF version will work well enough for my needs.  Regardless, it will be at least seven months before I buy one, giving plenty of time to research and make a decision.  Thanks for the input so far; I look forward to other opinions/advice.

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