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any info on the new tough system radio?


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11 hours ago, Hugh Jass said:

Just a FYI since I haven't seen anyone talk about this lately, it's on sale. 


Is there a special sale/promo going on, or is it just finally being sold in US stores? I can't even find it on eBay except for international sellers.


And to those who have it, is this basically a smaller ToughSystem radio with 60v compatibility with (I hope) at least as good sound?

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They essentially took the Tough System radio, made it smaller, gave it more features and it now clips on the Tstaks. I think the radio actually sounds better. It definitely sounds as good as the Tough System radio. The first time I played it, my wife said 'that sounds better than the bigger one'. 

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On 8/6/2018 at 6:32 PM, aabee said:

This radio goes for $219. Hard pass.


semi-OT, but my favorite radio is the Makita black AM/FM with BT. It's reasonably small but has loads of features and sounds better than larger radios (like the DCR025).

I'll wait to find a deal...  I paid around $240 for three ToughSystem radios and only have one (Craftsman) T-Stak, so $219 is a bit too rich for my tastes at the moment.



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