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YouTube - TIA Affiliates? Favorite (Non-Tool) Channels?


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Since Tools In Action is such an excellent conglomerate, with the main site, these forums, a newsletter, and YouTube channels, I wanted to ask who out there has affiliated YouTube channels and/or websites.  I recently subscribed to the JimboS1ice channel and notice that the main TIA channel has ToolGuyd, Pro Tool Reviews, Oz Tool Talk, and others listed under the Channels tab.  Are there any others?  I ask that you not share unaffiliated channels or sites that have content similar to TIA unless Eric or a Moderator specifically authorize it.  This thread isn't designed to divert traffic from the TIA Crew.



I gave up cable TV a few years ago and couldn't have a dish installed at my current residence.  That combined with little to no time to watch TV and an ever-decreasing attention span found the lowly TV antenna reenter my life for the first time since the 80's.  I tried Hulu for a while but didn't bother to renew, especially since YouTube began dominating my viewing preferences over the summer.  Let's face it, YouTube has become so immense that it's hard to believe that it didn't exist thirteen years ago.  I first started binge watching it shortly after its debut, spending periods watching music videos and even using add-ons to download videos before those capabilities were disabled.  After a couple of years, though, I grew away from it and hadn't really watched more than the occasional music video or other content required for college.  Anyway, on to my current favorite channels.


My two oldest subscriptions are channels that started elsewhere: Cinnemassacre and Channel Awesome.  I started watching the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) on the Cinnemassacre website, and the Nostalgia Critic on thatguywiththeglasses.com.  Both were and remain excellent shows and the channels offer a number of other outstanding shows.  Since then I've subscribed to somewhat similar (and usually much smaller) channels offering reviews and comedic opinions of mostly older games and movies.  A few that come to mind are Dongled, Top Hat Gaming Man, The Kilian Experience, Game Theorists, and Decker Shado.  The ironic thing about enjoying game and movie focused content is that I almost never play video games and rarely sit all the way through a movie. 


Other channels I frequent are usually history or firearms related, and some seem odd but can prove extremely useful.  The Great War offers a week by week summary of what happened 100 years ago, while Forgotten Weapons explains rare, historic, and military arms in great detail.  Military History Visualized is another great channel.  Emma Saying was recently found, and isn't exactly a channel that most people will watch for hours (even wordier types like myself).  I found it after viewing a Supa Pixel Girl video where she uses the word "hyperbole".  She pronounced it "hy-per-bol-ee" while like many others I've always said "hy-per-bole".  Sure enough, Emma Saying and some brief research proved that the YouTuber was right.


Anyway, despite having subscribed to a few of the larger channels and even a few that only produce Top Ten or similar lists, I generally watch little of their content.  One list channel I do watch regularly is Rabbid Luigi.  With that said, it's impossible to list every channel I watch, especially since I'll jump genres quite often and usually only really pay attention to the tool and history channels.  The size of the channel and production values don't matter much to me so long as I find the presenter bearable and the content interesting.  Videos that are under 30 minutes are my preference, though those over five minutes are usually listened to as I do something else.


Well, what are your favorite YouTube channels?  Based on those I shared above, can you recommend related content that I or others may enjoy?  Remember, please refrain from sharing channels that release content similar to that produced by Tools In Action, unless it is affiliated with the site. 

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I'm the type of person who has multiple accounts of a similar thing to serve different purposes for example I got 5 emails each serving a different function like one for internet accounts, one that is more a proffesional email for contacting customers if need be, etc. My youtube is the same way. I got a channel that has all my tools, woodworking, and car videos. I subscribe to tflcar, tfltruck, and tflnow. The rest are related to tools  and woodworking in someway so I won't mention them. The next channel I have has all my tech related channels. I sub to MKBHD, UnboxTherapy, and Linus Tech Tips to name a few. My next channel includes gaming related channels including mostly Nintendo and Minecraft stuff. Which was what I was interested in back when I gamed more. The last and final channel includes everything else. From trick shots by DudePerfect and How Ridiculous to LEGO reviews and custom creations by JangBricks. I am also subbed to Good Mythical Morning. I have kinda lost interest when the channel went a different direction. I was mostly interested in the will it episodes. Another I watch is Michael Hitchox. He makes stop motion LEGO videos intended to be funny. I like having them separated into different channels  because I don't have to look through as many videos in my subscriptions feed. I would say I watch my tool channel the most.

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Multiple accounts are a good idea, but I'm too set in my ways to open different ones.  I've had email accounts since the mid-90s; my first was on CompuServe.  One thing I do need to do is remove my official email from a bunch of mailing lists.  Earlier in my career I used that email as my primary after forgetting to log into my Yahoo accounts and losing them.  Now I have to delete 80% of the emails I receive.


Also, I watch YouTube almost entirely via TV.  Multiple accounts would be painful to log in and out of.  The feed cam be annoying at times, but the vast majority of the time I'm not fully immersed in what I'm watching anyway, so a broad array of channels, or a single one, might be viewed in a single night.

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On 12/20/2017 at 10:57 AM, DR99 said:

I have a few channels I watch religiously but others I will watch when the content seems to be worth it. I need to purge some channels as they kinda suck now. The one channel that I like is stevemre


I'm subscribed to steve1989mreinfo.  He's got some interesting videos, though I honestly haven't watched a whole lot.  Over 16 years of MREs have decreased my interest in military rations, but the history buff in me overwhelms that disinterest on occasion.


Now, on to the dark side of YouTube...that which I'm highly annoyed by, or at least disinterested in.  I'm with my kids and they still watch the vlogs and various high traffic sites that offer little to no substance.  They are kids, after all, but when my youngest fell asleep last night watching whichever channel has two annoying Asian kids playing pranks and doing various things, I couldn't take anymore.  I kept waking up to the sounds of high pitched squeals, recorder "music", and other things that simply annoy me.  Earlier today the kids were watching the Davises, which seems almost as artificial as reality TV.  Coming here is when I could care less about YouTube.  I'll try to compromise tonight with episodes of PopularMMOs...that channel is tolerable at least and my kids all love it.  I'll have to sneak in the newest episode of The Great War later to bring my IQ back up.  Damn I sound like a curmudgeon these days.  😄

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