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new DS295 Tough System Box, three drawer


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pictures and some specs are now available

DeWalt DS295 Tough System Tool Box (also DWST1-81055)

THREE  Drawer


Built to the same hardwearing standards as the rest of the DeWalt Tough System storage and transport range, this three part tool box provides a durable carry case for equipment and accessories which can be integrated into Tough System racks, whether inside a van, on a wall, or on the DeWalt Tough System Heavy Duty Trolley for transport around the workshop or on site. Alternatively it can simply be used by itself as a reliable, durable and weather resistant toolbox.

Features & Benefits
• 4mm thick reinforced polypropylene plastic
• Dust tight and water jet resistant (IP65) to withstand severe weather conditions
• Three compartments for storing tools, acessories and consumables
• Padlock eyes for lockable security
• Compatible with Tough System racks and trollies for storage and transport



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I have 3 of the original 2 drawer units, used in a single stack on a 3/4" piece of plywood just big enough for the drawers with casters underneath ( my own cheap little TSTAK  style cart). I admit they are far from perfect, I believe the opening and closing issues some folks had with them are  more related to how much weight was in each drawer and the drawer bottom sagging. I kept one tool and it's accessories in each drawer and they worked halfway decent. If you tried to put a hammer drill and an impact in the drawer and then some drill and driver bits, that drawer would have problems until you took some weight out of it. If I had to guess, I would say 10 to 15 pounds was about all each drawer is good for, unless you had the weigh out near the sides of the drawer instead of the middle. I would hate to see what they were like if you put a pound or two of screws or nails in a each of the little plastic boxes inside. Hopefully the next generation will work much better.

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I was trying to see where the 3 drawer would be available in North America and I could only find it listed on UK sites. Hopefully this comes to North America. Supposedly the new 2 drawer is coming first of July.

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