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Millers Falls Planes


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Anyone own any Millers Falls planes? I had never heard of them until today when I decided on a whim to check the local Craigslist for tools.


I'm picking up a #900 smoothing plane tomorrow which seems to be equivalent to the Stanley H1204 from the Handyman line. I think it'll be a good starter bench plane assuming it's in a good condition. From the photos it looks to be, it may need some cleaning; the tote and knob appear to have either missing paint or slight chips in them. Not sure of the blade condition because the photo shows it attached to the chip breaker, but I should be able to just order a Veritas replacement blade that will fit it if need be. Based on the photos on Craigslist, dates and descriptions on Old Tool Heaven it was manufactured between 1935 and 1966.


According to the only source I can truly find on pricing them it should cost between $10 and $30 upwards of $40 if it's a Mohawk-Shelburne version. It's listed for $20 and I'm not going to haggle because it seems to be in better condition than what I found on eBay after coming across it, and eBay sellers want twice as much plus shipping.



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Well didn't go with the Craigslist plane after I did some more in-depth reading about Millers Falls and further searching on eBay. Turns out there are some good listings on there if you search for just "Millers Falls plane" without specific numbers. Ended up buying a #14 jack plane for $5 more plus shipping, which is realistically what I would have spent at Lowe's while waiting to meet the Craigslist guy. It looks like it could use a new tote and knob but it might be salvageable with some sanding and applying a new finish.plane.thumb.jpg.808da6118ca7c0e293d829138613a597.jpgs-l1600.thumb.jpg.18c5a7deee978c25218b8aeae6161a36.jpgs-l1600-2.thumb.jpg.33d552569599eefea4189e5d0ce11f31.jpg

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