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Compact router cordless vs corded


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Trying to decide.

Have the first model makita 120v compact router without the led lights. Would like to have a second one just to save on the rare occasion with bit changes.

I seem to use these compact routers for 99% of my router work.

Also needed to get a  the plunge base. So was just going to buy another corded model.

Not something I use every week but wonder if it would be nice to have the new cordless model instead.  Since I already have plenty of the batteries for the other tools.

Concerned it may feel top heavy or strange since used to the corded. And if I will be giving up any power.


Anyone used both models?


Any suggestions?




Also wanted to add. Is anyone happy with the plunge base. Does not seem to get good reviews like the bosch or dewalt. Because of this wonder if I need to have another brand since the plunge base will be important to me. Sorry for so much rambling and questions.


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I got that new Makita and it is my favorite cordless tool. I haven’t flogged it to any level yet that I would recommend it over a big corded unit for heavy work though. It does NOT accept 1/2” bits though which I’d take as an unsubtle hint of what they want it used for. That aside it is AWESOME. I love the precision of it, the light placement is great, the build quality superb. Best of all the shield/vacuum attachment clears sawdust SO well I feel okay saying that using the tool is sublime. Also nice is it is compatible with attachments they already have for some of their corded models.

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I have the corded Makita. I have no issues with the plunge base. I would buy the 2 base kit and if you find yourself routing a lot then buy the cordless as an compliment router. Never have too many routers. I have 3 and want the cordless with a chamfer bit installed in it.

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