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20v Max Blowers Quick Review


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So, I graduate my professional development course today but wanted to give a quick review of the two 20v Max blowers.  I let my classmates use both the jobsite and the brushless blowers as we cleaned common areas and they all thoroughly enjoyed using them, especially compared to the brooms we had the first week.


Runtime was as expected.  A 2Ah battery was killed quickly by the small blower.  I usually used 6Ah FlexVolt batteries, which sufficed until the final cleanup yesterday.  Both batteries were done after about 30 minutes of heavy use, though the larger blower still worked after letting its battery recover.


The small blower was good for corners with its speed settings, and worked well enough to blow leaves off a breezeway.  The large blower naturally moved much more air, but proved overkill in corners, blowing stuff all over the user.


All told, I'd recommend both.  They complement each over well, especially if they are used in dusty conditions.  Questions or comments are much welcomed.

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I posted about these, a week or so ago.  I was getting ready to give an update when I saw this thread.


Originally I wasn't too impressed with the larger blower.  We've had a chance to use it on the job and used them side by side.  My opinion has changed.

We've had the smaller ones for a while.  They are great.  Definitely worth buying and keeping in the truck.  I think we use them everyday.


Yesterday we had alot of saw dust covering a large area.  We used 3 blowers.  I had a small one and the other guy had a small one and the big one.  Made short work of clean up.  I noticed the air speed appears to be about the same.  The difference is the air volume.  The big blower puts out alot more air and, in turn, blows alot more sawdust.  Side by side the large blower just moves more air.


We probably won't be carrying the large ones very much.  They take up too much room in the truck.  But, they do a good job.


They don't compare to a corded blower or a gas blower, but they also don't need a cord or gas.  So you could also say a corded blower and gas blower don't compare to a cordless.

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I used my small one to inflate an air mattress last night; given its utility in this regard and its ability to be broken down, it could have some uses for campers who prefer comfort.  Provided they have the space and are willing to carry the extra weight of a blower and battery (and maybe even a charger with solar panel), they can blow out their tent, inflate their air mattress in seconds, and deflate it as quickly the following day.


One thing I've found when using both to blow off my porch is that they can reduce collateral damage.  I currently live in a unique apartment that is upstairs with an external staircase a few feet from the door.  I have a little bit of space outside the apartment, but using the blowers runs the risk of blowing stuff onto my downstairs neighbor's plants, or worse, someone walking outside.  Instead, I use the big blower to blow things towards the corner, simultaneously using the little one to keep stuff from getting close to the edge.  

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I used the big one to clean up, yesterday.  I will say, it blows sawdust alot better and faster than the small one.  If they were both sitting there, I would pick up the big one.  If I had to carry one in the truck, it would be the small one.


My big one, is sitting in my garage, right now.


I am more impressed each day.

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20 minutes ago, builditguy said:


That's pretty much what we have been doing.  I like a clean work area.


I've been using my small blower to clean the sawdust off the work area as I've been putting the cordless router and sander to the test this past week.  At night it inflate my air mattress here while on leave.

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