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I have a good solid question to ask


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Hey everyone, so here it is. What benefits would you like to have when you buy your tools? Be it power tools, hand tools, accessories, etc. So far all I can think of is extended full coverage warranty for free by whomever you buy the tool from for power tools, and lifetime warranty for hand tools. What else could you possibly want? Thoughts anyone?

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A trade in discount would be great. Trade in your old model for a discount on the latest model.


+1 for modular boxes included with tools (with molded/foam inserts). Or at least just the molded/foam inserts included with tools. 

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As much information as possible. Sure just a very small of buyers would be interested, but enthusiasts and more tech heavy people sure appreciate it. I don't know about the US homepage but in europe DeWalt states at least some info on output power from battery tools. Like 360W output from the DCD795 or 800W from the DCG405, for this one even 1000W input power is stated. That is worth gold if you want to compare tools or choose batteries. Or one time i wanted to find out the dimensions and weight of a XR 6.0Ah battery. Couldn't find them on the homepage so i had to search reviews on forums and blogs to get the info. Why? Just state it...

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