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Confused on chuck sizes


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Ok, so i am a computer nerd, i dont knownalot about tools but my dad is wanting to grt a new drill so i figured i would get him one for christmas, i found out as much info as i need i think, but im a little confused on the chuck sizes, now from what i have red drills come in 1/2, 1/4, and 3/8 sizes, whiches one do i need? He uses this mainly for household items with wood primarily, does the chuck size effect what size bit i can put in the drill? Tbh i dont really even know what a chuck is... so if i grt any of this wrong please inform me, thank you

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The 1/4" size you refer to are likely impact drivers or screwdrivers designed to take 1/4" hex shank bits.  While there are drill bits with hex shanks and some people do use impact drivers as drills, your dad will probably be best served with a regular chuck.


As for chucks, they are the device which holds the bit, usually comprised of three inner jaws and with an external sleeve that is hand tightened (most users power the drill to speed things up until it is snug) to hold the bit in place with the jaws.

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