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Preferred Spade Bits?


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I am in the market for a set of spade bits. What brand is good for that? I am leaning towards the Bosch Daredevils but I have no experience with them so I don't know for sure. My budget is $30 for a set and preferable something that is widely available.

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I use the Daredevil bits.  They are easy to find, work well enough, and holiday sales make them almost unbeatable price-wise.  I picked up another 18-piece kit for under $20 a month or two ago.


I was playing around outside yesterday and decided to see how the 1-1/2" bit fared in an old landscape timber.  The drill (DCD791) stalled on speed 2 about halfway through.  Speed 1 finished the hole in a few seconds.  

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The Daredevil bits are great, but you need to make dang sure that the drill you’re using has enough power to make it out the other side. Due to the screw tip, you can’t just pull back on the drill to clear chips like a regular spade bit, you have to reverse it out. 


I buried one 6” deep in a cherry beam, and by the time my Bosch HD19-2 started to bog down, it couldn’t be reversed out. It broke the chuck retaining screw and the chuck spun off, still attached to the bit in the beam. It finally came out with a pipe w ranch and had a full extra twist in it. 


Also so be aware that no spade bit will make a clean hole for things like fishing rod or coat racks. 

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Bosch here too. I have used some cheaper ♠️ bits but Bosch are the only ones I use now. I would add if your through drilling and do not have Forstners try pre drilling and hitting both ends. Prevents a lot of that nasty chip out. Also to add my Dewalt DCD996 and my Festool T 18 have never bogged down running ♠️ or Forstners.

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